Does anyone remember

I’m looking for a video. I think I saw it here on Boing Boing but I can’t seem to dredge it out of the archives. It was a brilliant short experimental film of a dancer performing a routine with some variations in each take.

The takes were tinted a different color (red, green, blue) so that when she was in sync with herself, she would appear in color and when she wasn’t, she would break into her tinted components.

Anyways, I’d love to see it again for reference, I’m working on a similar thing.


bump for interest




Dude, I tried YT and Boing. Maybe another detail or two?


Is it this one?


It’s a little different than that one. A bit more experimental.

Thanks for looking.

In the film, which was fairly short, there is a woman performing a dance routine. It’s maybe ballet. Her routine is performed three times and each time reduced to a single color component, red, green and blue. Like the colors that make up the pixel values on our monitor. The performances are then fed into the corresponding color channels so that multiple versions of the woman dancing exist on the same screen, on in each color. When the dance synchronizes, the three additive colors create the natural color of the scene.

I’m going out hunting again, I’ll post it here if I find it. I remember thinking it was a great idea that I wanted to steal someday and now I have the perfect project but I want to credit the source of inspiration.


This is not the video but is the same basic idea. I think she must have seen the same film I saw.

I’m pretty sure you don’t mean this:

Yes. I do not mean that.

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