Doing business with TikTok's Chinese owner is banned under new Trump order

The problem is, I don’t think it will be Trump and family. If we actually elect him for four more years, we could be looking at sanctions and boycotts toward the nation as a whole. There’s a reason, I think, beyond the obvious, that we need to be looking to buying things from ourselves.

Things might not be for sale to us if he goes into Trumplemania Lame-Duck-A-Thon.


That’s nice that he gave them 45 days to wire over the protection money.


Yes. That’s probably the point… he’s trying to put pressure on the Chinese government to help him get re-elected and to crack down on elements on tik-tok that are trying to derail his campaign…


As must as I distrust TikTok - I am not sure unilateral shunning of a company is warranted. Unless one has evidence that the move is warranted.

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The more interesting note here is that he also banned people from doing business with WeChat and it’s owner, Tencent, who owns or is invested in a ton of video game companies, from Epic Games (investment) to Riot (who I believe they are majority owners of).


That’s true: meaning exists only in the exact words used, and not in context or implication.

From the Reuter’s article:

In the other, Trump said WeChat “automatically captures vast swaths of information from its users. This data collection threatens to allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information.”

Considering that every big popular social media app & site is already capturing vast swaths of information from its users and selling it to whoever wants it (remember Cambridge Analytica?), how is this so much scarier?


I mean if a private corporation has your data, that’s just capitalism and hence is justified! But those scariest of all Commies now have your data! /s

But seriously, Because “China” and “Communist”. :woman_shrugging:


don’t forget activison/blizzard. it’s only like 5% but it comes from a strong desire to gain access to gaming in china. ( both things also the reason blizzard was banning players who had pro-democracy messages )

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YES! We shouldn’t be sharing our valuable data with companies who will just give it to the government! Respectable companies who are not sharing our data without any regard to it’s usage, like Facebook!

This is a really good distraction from the pandemic and economy. It whips up a frenzy of speculation and debate. Why do we keep falling for it?

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Beware, if it’s going to be acquired by any corporation loyal to Trump (e.g. MS), users data, contacts and everything will be surrendered to him in no time. Trump needs to control the platform before the elections, both to silence what has been an effective source of troubles for him, and possibly also by turning it into the only one that would never censor any of his nonsense. The ban purpose only serves to push the owners into selling.

China thanks you for your data.

China has banned almost every single US tech firm from passing it’s great firewall. Yet when it’s reciprocated, they cry foul! China that is committing genocide as we speak, polluting the Earth unchecked, and forcing its citizens into effective slavery with “social credits”.

Dotard is an idiot and needs to go, but he’s right, China needs reigning in. Why the hell should we allow China to have a huge amount of influence on other countries by manipulating social media and using it to spy on global citizens?

Meh. That ship has sailed.

We’re worried that the operators of TikTok might possibly share user data with the Chinese government. At the same time the operators of Facebook and friends definitely do share user data with whomever will pay them enough, and of course various agencies of the US government too. According to Trump, one is quite OK but the other supposedly is not. Go figure. From a non-US POV, both suck.

In related news, the European Court of Justice has just declared void the “Privacy Shield” provision that lets companies like Facebook store data of its European users in the US even though the US has nothing remotely like the European Union’s data protection regulations. Facebook and friends used to be able to do this by basically self-certifying that there’s nothing to worry about, everything will be fine. The EU and US now have a certain amount of time to come up with a new set of rules, which are likely going to be the old rules under a different name, and will work for another few years before the ECJ is declaring them void once more. At least that’s what happened with “Privacy Shield” and its predecessor, “Safe Harbor”.


While other companies were laying people off in 2019-early 20 they were hiring up. They just got a new HQ in Culver City. I guess that’s off now.

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