Dolly Parton's song "Jolene" sounds great played at 33 RPM


That became popular in 2013, then was in an episode of ‘The Blacklist’. The slowed-and-pitch-corrected is good too; there are a handful of versions with Miley Cyrus or both Miley and Dolly that are good.


There’s also this:

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A shame Johnny Cash never covered it.

The slowed down version does sound good! I’ve been groovin’ on this version recently:

A slowed down Jolene thread is incomplete without:


While I’ve always loved this song musically (fast or slow), I don’t much care for the assumption that it’s the woman’s fault if her husband is charmed by Jolene or the assumption that he would be. That’s why I very much like this “answer” song by Estonian band Ewert and the Two Dragons:


Unless you have some sort of Arduino-based turntable, that’d be 33 1/3 RPM and 78 RPM.

/and get off my lawn, dagnabbit!


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curiously, the original post is gone? But there are a lot of good related videos and comments in… the comments.



see also: Awesome Song Thread! - #256 by crenquis

My favorite linked-to-vid is probably the unreleased Parton recording of Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire”:


Sounds like a long lost Tim Buckley demo form the 60s.


If you’re playing a 45 rpm record at 33 1/3 rpm, that’s 74.074074074…% or 74 74/99% speed.

MadAir the Math Pedant


You can always rig a tone generator to a big-ass audio amp, and feed the output into a transformer. By varying amplitude and frequency you can control the output voltage (and frequency), and feed any kind of low-power equipment at any frequency you like, e.g. control the speed of synchronous motors (like the gramophone ones). Or, if the output transformer can cope with the higher frequency, run 400 Hz equipment salvaged from aircraft.

When this last did the rounds I remember (a) loving it; and (b) wondering if it was slowed down any further whether Dolly would sound like Leonard Cohen.

I tried. She doesn’t.


I still think it’s missing a little something…

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Ms. Parton has been known to do the reverse of this “live” with the song Do I Ever Cross Your Mind. In the example below, she starts in at about the 2:30 mark.

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Just a reminder to everyone that John “Plunderphonics” Oswald initiated this meme back in the 1980s on the Mystery Tape “X1” from Mystery Labs. Here’s Oswald’s video version:


I’ll stick with using Audacity, not being into retro turntables.


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