Don Draper and Jackie Brown at LAX


Sadly, the magician mural from seatac appears to have never made it into the movies.

I always loved the shot of the implacable Walker (Lee Marvin) stomped down the mosaic corridor in Point Blank. That also seems to show that the moving walkway Mad Men is anachronistic, as Point Blank was made in 1967.

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Just a side note because i love the song so much:

The original intro to Jackie Brown has ‘Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street’ as the soundtrack. not the Delphonics(of course, that song is awesome too), as your link has it.

Oddly enough, the old terminal of the Ontario Airport, which is about 60 miles east of LAX, was used for the external shots, where Don got into the convertible. This same terminal is no longer used for flights, but it was recently used in ARGO as an Iranian airport. Ontario Airport has two new terminals, however the airport is not getting the expected traffic, and the 2nd of the new terminals is used often in commercials, and films as well.

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