Donald Trump is a pathogen evolved to thrive in an attention-maximization ecosystem


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“Trump is an attention addict, and now he’s in a position to get all the attention in the world, as long as he keeps those sirens blaring”

“Unable to replicate without a host cell, viruses are typically not considered living organisms.” Virus via thefreedictionary

Kill the Media.


devastating pathogen that burns its way through the human race, felling people by the millions.

That’s a welcome event in the days of tRump. Is there a way we could engineer it to get TGOP’ers only?



I always suspected Trump’s strategy for his campaign was a greedy algorithm coupled with a machine learning component. Seeding step: generate a grammatically correct sentence out of random words. Tweet. Repeat. Weight each sentence based on the number of likes and re-tweets. Refinement step: take most heavily weighted words and key phrases and feed them back into the seeding step. Repeat. #covfefe




Yeah, it’s awful convenient for Dowd to blame Trump on “the media landscape”, rather than, y’know, the standard pattern of dumb-assery and misogyny on her own part


I’m just picturing Dustin Hoffman from the movie Outbreak thinking about how to kill it before it takes out the rest of humanity.


Good call.




Every time you say his name, he grows stronger. And you are doing his work for him.


Wrong. He is a symptom of a diseased society, but not the cause. There are 100’s more people like Trump out there.

You can spot the new right-populist in many running in elections this year. But it’s not even a new phenomenon. the Minutemen, the Tea Party, and alt-right are all part of the changes happening in our society, accelerated by new powerful information systems.


He tweets to live AND lives to tweet.


I just read an article comparing Trump with Rand Paul, noting that they only have one thing in common - they’re both the craziest guy in the race. That’s what it takes to win a GOP primary in the 21st century - pink elephants.


I would take a pink elephant over those two any day!


This 45 situation always reminded me of “Interface” by Stephen Bury (aka Neal Stephenson and George Jewsbury)


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