DoNotPay's latest service will auto-cancel your free trials before the billing period starts

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This is a mighty grand thing! Hmmm.


I cut to the chase, and never use free trials. That’s me though…


I would love to know what banks are sponsoring this for Browder…because I’d likely be a customer. There’s no way any of these banks are Chase, BofA, or Wells Fraudo.


What is their revenue stream?


As if to prove a point, the post links to a Wired article that generates a lower banner telling me, " You have read half your complimentary articles for the month. Get unlimited access to an ad-free and the print and digital editions of the magazine."


Seems like it’s not available in the Appstore in the tiny Northern European country where I am based at the moment. Is it intended as a US thing only?

I dont see how this is sustainable. When the companies do try to bill customers and Browder’s virtual card continually rejects the charges, the bank is going to be miffed at the multiple chargebacks. Multiple chargebacks equates to a much higher merchant cost to Browder’s virtual card.

I believe the way it works is that the DoNotPay card looks like a regular, valid credit card when the vendor validates it, but then later when the vendor tries to do an actual charge, it is declined. So there’s no charge-back to worry about.

I’ve done a similar thing for years using “virtual” credit cards that some of the banks offer (BofA, for one). You can set a max amount and time range; works fine.

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