Don't call Microsoft's upgraded tablet PC the Surface Pro 5

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Do you have an iPad Pro? I’m thinking about getting one but am waiting to see if they announce something new at WWDC next month. If you have one, I’d love to hear what you think about it. I’ve spent around an hour playing with a current model in the store and I think it’s the first on-screen pen that works well enough to use regularly.

If the rumors are accurate, the new iPad will have narrow bezels and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. It depends on how hard it is to hold.I might buy a used iPad Pro.

I had a Surface Pro 4 for about a week and returned it because of the laggy pen and bad palm rejection on the screen.

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I know it’s not the most popular device on the market but “fanless” just seems harsh.


wishing there was a laugh react for this.


Can you actually install anything on it or does Windows suck away 80-90% of the space?

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A 64 bit install of Windows 10 requires 20GB of space, roughly 15% of the lowest spec model.


FWIW, I have a Pro 3 that I still use daily. It’s really a great device. If (God forbid) something happened to my Surface I wouldn’t think twice about buying a new one.


How’s your experience with, for lack of a better term, lapablitiy?

No problems for me, but it’ll depend on the length of your leg to your knee and how much your belly protrudes into your lap. :slight_smile: It just barely fits if I’m sitting upright with both feet on the floor, but I tend to cross my leg on one knee, place the kickstand on my crossed leg, and the keyboard in my lap. In terms of size, weight, and versatility, I much prefer this device over a traditional laptop. I carry my Surface around everywhere, while I simply wouldn’t with a bulkier laptop.


hope this computer is a good one, i’ll consider it for sure.

wish apple didn’t insist that their computers all have dumb screens, and all their smart screen devices be hobbled to only use mobile apps. there is a broken interface divide in the apple world between mobile and desktop. users below a certain age have had touch as their primary device interface their entire tech lives.

my girls are always bewildered that all our mobile devices and both our windows computers all just work and interact when you pick them up and touch them, but none of our three apple computers do anything when you touch the screen. they are the ones the coined the term dumb screens. apple’s illogical resistance to touch screens on their computers has become such a convoluted mental block they added a 1cm tall touch screen as part of the keyboard instead of addressing the lack of touch and pen digitizer in the actual screen. seriously apple, wtf, even kids immediately know how stupid this is. It is crazy that apple computer users can’t use the apple pencil. smdh.


I gave up on Apple products years ago. Yes, they make very nice stuff. But they make them how they want to make them, not how their users want them made for them. And when they do make a concession to user demands, they act like they’re Prometheus with their overproduced keynote speeches. If they were a chef, they’d follow the old adage that hunger is the best sauce. Well I can get the meal I want at half the cost next door, and sure the presentation isn’t quite as elegant, but the competitors are catching up on aesthetics and have long since pulled ahead on functionality and listening to their users.

I think the problem with Apple is that they drank their own Kool-Aid. They shook up the market for almost a decade straight, but that ended years ago. They built their brand on being different and once they couldn’t trounce their competitors on innovation, the only way to be different was to be stubborn mules.

I’m not anti-Apple. If they return to real innovation in their products instead of focusing on building weird Overlord Saucer Headquarters, I’ll be open to using their stuff again.

I will admit that Apple’s more ardent devotees disturb me, as would anyone who has a warm fuzzy affection for any global corporation. But most Apple users are just ordinary folks with residual brand loyalty and if they’re satisfied then I’m not going to treat them like cultists the way Apple haters do, because those people are just being supercilious dicks.


Surface Pro V it is.


Hrm. My wife is in the market for a new laptop but she’s fairly short and I’m not sure if a Surface Pro would work for her. Wish there was a way to test drive one of these. We’ve got a Microsoft Store here but it’s one of those mall kiosks and not a full-fledged store. Really hard to tell if it meets a use case when it’s chained down to a display.

I hear ya’. The closest Microsoft store to me is about 2 hours away. I’ve seen them in Best Buy, but good luck finding one not bolted down.

I have one (a 9.7" Pro model). The penpencil is strictly “ok”. Still no where near as good as the commercials would lead you to believe. I also have a Surface Book as a daily driver laptop and its pen is “ok” as well. I wouldn’t say it’s “so much worse” than the iPad Pro but it’s not super wonderful either.


I know some cultists, can I be a supercilious dick?

I just try not talk about their favorite international mega-corp.

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I’m not saying none are. But not everyone who defaults to Apple is one of them.

Everyone can be a supercilious dick. And sooner or later everyone is one.


Why would anyone get the surface pro over the Lenovo Yoga 720 with the DGPU and 15.6 inch screen? It’s 1500 and way better.



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Try your local university bookstore.

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