Don't do this to your car


Probably, but increasingly cars are not equipped with spare tires. Also more than a few cannot be towed - they can only be repaired in place or moved via flatbed.


@Abaronofsky, @dobby, @Beanolini: road salt is a horrible environmental problem that is increasingly impacting our environment, particularly water quality.

This is very well known in the scientific community, but we as a culture have decided that working the maximum number of hours so that the 1% can keep baby in fresh minks is far more important than preserving the health of the planet for future generations. I’m totally not kidding.

Forty years ago, the police and emergency vehicles were equipped to travel over icy roads with chains and/or studded snow tires, and everyone else stayed home and enjoyed the snow. Today people think (wrongly) that it’s totally reasonable to destroy the environment so that everyone can drive vehicles that are fundamentally unsuited to the weather conditions. They think they have a right to do so! And it’s all so that corporate production can run non-stop…

This is one of the potential benefits of work-from-home policies, by the way - you could keep at least a few cars off the road in bad weather. But the powers that be will salt anyway.


… Oh.

The fickle behavior of the Low Tire Pressure light in my own car suddenly makes a lot more sense. I guess I should figure out where the heck the spare tire is stashed and check it.


You’re mostly preaching to the choir. I live in Massachusetts. That means I spent a good chunk of the winter working from home when the entire metro-Boston area shut down under the loving but chilly embrace of Fimbulwinter.


Your description sounds very suspiciously specific!


My Geo Metro was my favorite car.


Ah, that’s why. I live in the Seattle area. It froze maybe twice this winter for a day each. It didn’t snow once. They use the liquid melter on the roads (lay it down in lines spaced 3" apart). I have never washed any of my cars. Never. Waste of water, ecologically unfriendly, unnecessary, I have nobody to impress. It safely accelerates myself and various objects up to freeway speed and decelerates appropriately. It even turns left and right! That is what I require of a car. If I didn’t need one to get to work 35 miles away, then I wouldn’t have one anyway.


Stancing seems to me about as intelligent as filing your teeth into points. Sure it “looks badass” (or like a freaking idiot), but you’re just shooting yourself in the foot and causing yourself unnecessary pain.


A person I met not long ago said the same thing to me: light, ran forever, crazy good gas mileage, so it stuck in my head as a worthwhile project/art car. Of course, that’s the plan until some new vehicle catches my fancy:


It was a little buzzy, but with the hatchback I could fit just about anything in there.

Loved the mileage on the 8-gallon tank. Once-up-a-time, probably around 1999, I could fill it for less than $10.

I bought it used from a friend, replaced the transmission with a used transmission, and ran it until my mechanic said it wouldn’t see another oil change. (Unlike some of youse guys I work with software, not hardware.)

N.B.: “guys” in the gender-indeterminate usage.


Yup… I was friendly with a Neon owner’s club about a decade ago (I loved my little go kart), and a lot of them did a lot of stupid shit to their cars, but that was the one aftermarket mod I made on my car. What a difference it made!


Missouri uses GeoMelt on its roads – a beet sugar product that, mixed with salt, is much less corrosive, better for the environment and more effective. I really only wash my car when it’s ugly with crud, not freezing outside, and after the huge demand for car washes have tapered off.


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