DOS Deck: play classic PC games online

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I think Internet Archive also allows you to play old DOS games. I started playing Dragon Wars again, which was an RPG that I had back in the day (It had Boris art on the box!) I even found a walk through to help me remember WTF to do. It was more punishing than I remember, but then again I do remember restarting the game from a save point many times.


Well, there goes my day.


Ummm, not sure if I want to allow java scripts from to run in my browser.

I’m possibly out of date on browser security, but what harm can a malicious JS script do on a modern browser? Obviously if it’s on a site where you’re entering credentials or something then that’s dangerous, but I’m not sure what harm a script could do outside the tab it’s running in these days.

Wow I forgot we used to use our arrow keys.

I’d like a way to remap everything so I can use WASD and a mouse please. :grimacing:

Darn. There goes my afternoon.

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Oh yeah I found Wolfenstein because there’s nothing like shooting Nazis on a Friday

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