Draft notices sent to men born in the 1880s


Y1.9K bug


They should be pretty easy to find, actually. Just check the line at the VA.


A zombie army?


Did those men actually sign up for the draft by their 18th birthday though?

Ignorant Canadian here. I thought the US had abolished the draft. I’m positive the US Army likes to crow about being all-volunteer.

Can anyone in the group explain why there are draft registration notices being sent out to any persons (dead or alive…) if there’s no draft any more?


Yes the draft is abolished, but they reinstated registration back in the 80’s, just in case Mr. Reagan needed the blood of the young. (That’s the 1980’s.)

Also, the headline should mention 1890’s not 1880’s. Men born from 1980-1989 are too old to draft, he said with a sob.


First 2k year bug notice i read from 2000. It seems there were some systems affected, after all…
But how did they have the files in working, not archieved, format?

The summary implied there are people still living? they’d have to be 114 years old at least??

Sorry to rain on your Reagan bashing, but Selective Service registration was reinstated by Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Well then don’t, dammit! But thanks, I just wrote that from memory - I can recall I was a teen at the time.

It’s OK. There are plenty of other valid reasons to bash Reagan.

The U.S. currently has an all-volunteer service, but all adult males officially have to register for the “Selective Service” which basically means we’ll be good and ready to get drafted on short notice next time the country gets bogged in a large(r)-scale war.

One way to think of it is “All-volunteer… until the day we don’t get enough volunteers.”

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I think that was a few years ago. Iraq really messed up Army recruiting - go figure.

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