Drew Friedman's homage to science fiction illustrator Frank "Kelly" Freas in MAD

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Kelly Freas is pretty much my all time favourite Sci-fi Artist. He brought humanity and humour to what could be some fairly po-faced issues of my Dad’s collection of Astounding magazines.



It is really astounding that MAD can still be just as mad as they ever were. A number of years ago they did a Marilyn Hanson mash-up that made me giggle too loudly in he library.


When did Frank “Kelly” Freas acquire the quote marks? His name’s always been written without punctuation in my memory.

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One of my fondest possessions is a signed Freas-painted poster for the movie The Wizard of Speed and Time.

It hangs in my office above my desk and is the first thing under my arm if my house is on fire.

Fun fact:multiple hidden images were added to the poster by Freas.


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