Drop temps by 59 degrees in 10 minutes with the EvaChill Personal Air Conditioner

Equally Plausible Claims:


Ecky Thump!


The other thing with the larger evaporative coolers is that modern, super insulated and sealed houses don’t let that slightly cooler, super humid air OUT, so the evap cooler will look effectiveness once it’s pumped the house full of humid, tepid air unless one were to do something like open windows and doors and let the air exchange through, which also reduces their effectiveness.

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That may be the limit for modern, commercially available swamp coolers, but the ancient Persians really knew their shit when it comes to evaporative cooling and put modern swamp coolers to shame. In some cases they made freakin’ ice in the desert.

As an engineer I’ve got mad respect for the ancients:


I’d heard that ancient Persians invented ice cream but never quite put together how they were able to get the ice in a desert climate. Neat!

Well, a proper (relatively large) swamp cooler can do a fine job, in the right conditions, and will work almost as well as an A/C. But that’s in the right conditions, and a unit just about the size of a conventional A/C, if not larger ^^’ .

I…actually want this text, just for the giggles.