This personal AC cleans and dehumidifies the air as it cools

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Link it to a solar panel for energy and Bob’s your uncle.


This is an evaporative cooler that increases the humidity, it does not dehumidify. It will add to the burden of an air conditioner. It will cool some in a dry climate. It will make things worse in an area with high humidity.

The post is out and out false advertising. The store information is mostly correct. BB should be ashamed.


There’s no way an AC will work without spewing hot air somewhere.

While were on the subject, this guy has a great explanation for why those floor standing in room air conditioners (assuming you’re in a place where you have a choice) are way worse than window ACs.


I came to ask what this runs on, fairy dust and unicorn farts? Last thing we need is more energy using appliances in this world.

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I think you’ll find we’ve been extensively around these houses as recently as the beginning of June. Next time the BB store posts details of one of these gizmos we should just post links back to these discussions.

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Evaporative coolers do not create any hot exhaust like regular ACs do, but they do humidify (NOT dehumidify) the air (as other posters have noted). Just the reverse of air conditioners, which DO dehumidify.

I just read up on the technology, and these kind of things work well in arid climates, but would do pretty much nothing in places like Florida or much of the southeastern US. Probably great in Arizona, though.

The manufacturer has a table you can reference to see how much it would cool your air based on ambient humidity ( Where I live, my room is usually between 40-50% humidity, so it could lower the temperature around 15 degrees if the chart is accurate.

Which means in heatwaves, I would find it a little helpful maybe, but not sufficient for comfort.




I’ve got something like this (in the €40 range) at the office.
It really takes the edge off on a hot day with dry heat.
But it’s not an AC.


It drives me nuts how the carbon fuels have a grip on the world. Singapore, land of enough sunlight to destroy the universe, not one solar panel I’ve ever seen.

See this:

Killer line: “Even in Winter a 5kW Solar PV system will produce on average enough electricity to drive 30 miles per day”

What the fuck are we doing to ourselves? There’s no need for a takeover of the Sahara. There’s plenty of sunlight to use.


And this little blighter looks more than promising:


Hey @frauenfelder isn’t this post the sort of shill shit you all should be mocking not promoting? We all know the BB store is mostly crap but this ad copy is downright embarrassing and y’all should be ashamed.


planetary murder or suicide or something…planetcide?

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Yeah, I should have read the add more carefully. The original price for this was $250 which I bought and hit their “All sales final” policy.

Boing Boing should stick to books and training courses instead of this sort of thing.

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They only work until the room fills with humie air. Then you are warmer and more uncomfortable than before.

The arid climate evaporative coolers do not recirculate air back through the pads. It’s a flow-through system.

I can’t quite figure out if I’m more irritated with this post or the fact that the store sells charcoal teeth whitener.

The boingboing store is very… off brand for boingboing.


without the use of Freon or other toxic elements.

Pray tell, where is Freon on the periodic table?


Yeah, I’ve read they need open windows with good airflow to keep things from getting swampy. Maybe that’s why they’re called swamp coolers.

The hot air has to go somewhere. This has got to be just an evaporative cooler.

Or is this just snake oil?

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It just evaporative.