You can control this smart AC straight from your phone

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That’s a swamp cooler, not an air conditioner.


From the specs: Cooling square: Up to 4 m2 / Up to 43 ft2

Seriously? This is basically the size of a largish closet.


Every month Cory screams from the rooftops to warn us that internet-enabled home appliances and app-controlled household systems are a data-security and privacy-intrusion nightmare. And the site flogs this stuff?

Hey, left hand! Meet right hand! You two should chat.


Yep. If there’s no way to dissipate heat to the outdoors then it is actually introducing heat energy into the living space. It’s a really expensive tabletop humidifier.


It’s a really expensive tabletop humidifier with an IP address.


Cory, how do you pick these products? Is there some service that pays you money if you hawk its product of the week? I guess that’s just regular advertising, but why put all of the BB branding around it?


Nonsense! Why, I haven’t seen those warnings in months. That probably means the problem is solved!


I bought a large evaporative cooler on wheels last summer for my son’s single size bedroom and it maybe cools the room by 3-4 degrees centigrade with me using chilled water and icepacks in the water tank. I really doubt that this tiny one would do anything. Maybe it might make you feel cooler if it is blowing right in your face. I have a heatpump in the master bedroom (what NZers call air conditioning since we mostly use them for heating) and that is really the only way to usefully cool the air temperature. The best thing I have found to cool my sons room is to cut up a reflective car sunshield to the shape of the windows and to velcro these to the outside of the window frames to reflect the sun. It really has to be on the outside as once it’s come in you’re screwed.

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Evapolar EvaSMART Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

hardly an “air conditioner” as most understand the term

Staying cool isn’t easy, especially when you have to get up every 10 minutes to adjust the temperature on the AC.

Who the hell does this? If you’re getting up every ten minutes to adjust the temp, you need a new thermostat, not a swamp cooler.

I swear, these BB ads read like the bullshit ads in my mom’s AARP magazine, pimping all manner of gadget “solutions” to wildly-imagined problems. It’s like those tv ads where people somehow just can’t master the difficult, time-consuming, and disasterously messy job of opening a can of soup. But, now!!! there’s this thing!!!

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