"Drunk History" covers Watergate, vomits

Via Romenesko, a particularly excellent moment in the new Comedy Central series “Drunk History,” and the drunk part is no joke. In this episode around 4:40, as a very intoxicated Matt Gourley tells the story of Carl Bernstein, “Robert Woodward” and the Watergate scandal, he barfs. And then, he returns to the story. Guest stars… READ THE REST

While I have not seen anything of this show beyond the commercials for it, this strikes me as yet another example of How Low Have We Let The Bar Get? entertainment…

Until I can actually watch Ow My Balls, it ain’t low enough yet!

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I don’t know, it may actually be informative, depending on how well the comedians actually know the events they’re talking about. I have not watched it however and it may be total trash as you have inferred.

It’s not very informative. They get most of the facts right, but it’s a very superficial overview of historical events. Whole thing is clearly meant to be a “let’s laugh at drunk people” show. Most of the laughs come from the actors faithfully duplicating whatever the drunk person says even if it’s out of context of the story.

It comes from a series of videos that showed up on Funny or Die, and they didn’t change the format at all for the CC series. So if you want to get a feel for the format, just watch some of those.


That was supposed to be funny, eh. I watched that episode and all I felt was embarrassed for the guy. I don’t think “sad and pathetic” was the vibe they were going for.

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Don’t forget that the FunnyOrDie series of Drunk History spawned this immortal tribute to the infinitely astounding Nikola Tesla:

And that way you’ll probably avoid the cubic arseload of bullshit commercials preceding and interrupting this vid.

First time I’ve come across either more than one ad before a vid, or ad breaks during it.

Double extra sucky double precedent. Fuck you, CC.

(Got sucked in because Bob Odenkirk)

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