Duck with 3D-printed prosthetic foot

Buttercup is a duck who was born with a deformed foot. So the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary and NovaCopy scanned and printed a copy of Buttercup’s sister Minnie’s foot! What a lucky duck. “Duck Foot” (Bust) READ THE REST

cool! although, I wonder why they scanned her sister’s left foot instead of scanning Buttercup’s right foot and mirror-imaging it? doesn’t seem to bother her in any event.

also of mutant interest: this video came up after the duck one ended. lego-riffic!

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I would like to see Buttercup swim with his new leg

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It may seem morbid, but i would have included “before” footage.

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How can they waste precious resources when there are starving children in the world? I say we roast the duck.

After seeing him walking around mainly on the heel, I’m wondering why the ankle seems to have been printed at a 90 degree angle instead of say, 100-110 degrees (which more closely matches a truer angle that I see in many duck ankles)? Perhaps the front pad material wasn’t strong enough to support the leveraged weight?

Side note: This may sound funny, but whenever the vet is off screen, all I can hear is the actor Paul Schneider.

Have you ever eaten random duck?

: D

“Well, looks like it works pretty good”

That’s not a very discerning verdict. I despair for the optimisation of this prosthetic…

Seems pretty obvious to me that since it’s passive, a simple copy of a foot is only good for a first approximation at best…

Anyway, the duck seemed pretty happy with it.

Buttercup is a boy. I was wondering why he got his sister’s foot instead of his own mirrored too.

Also, that Lego vid is hopelessly optimistic… I wouldn’t attempt it without Lego Technic.

Clearly the doctor is a quack.


D :

Don’t be a goose…

… who’s gone to the dogs

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Yeah, but at least the bill was reasonable.

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