Dune subreddit bans AI art

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And yet they let r/the_donald go on for half a decade.


New game: hand-created art in the style of AI art.



Just perfect. :heart:


Do you want the Butlerian Jihad? Because that is how you get the Butlerian Jihad.


I kinda wish y’all would do the same, I’m getting tired of seeing posts here with mushy Midjourney smears as hero images. I’m an artist and it’s fucking depressing to see this shit proliferating.


To me, and to only me, it’s just all so patently stoopid. Not a single bit of anything AI has produced conveys even the slightest bit of something not thought of before … because it’s literally made from ONLY stuff thought of before. And IMHO it. all. stinks. of. that. fact.


Well, sure. In a sense the type of machine learning that is currently called “AI” (that term gets redefined at least once a generation) is a process of immortalizing the mundane. Every mistake you thought was the right decision gets put in with everything you actually did right, and then the machine draws possibly spurious but definitely mediocre conclusions from that.

So, for example, Amazon feeds all its past hiring data into an “AI” and produces a bot that prefers the people who have historically been hired (and, arguably, the people who were best qualified in the past) so naturally it wants to hire white males with names like “John Smith”. It will never take a chance on a brilliant outsider or a black woman, that’s how this iteration of “AI” works.


As another artist, I actually like Dream; it gives me ideas for my 2D art when I’m feeling the artist’s equivalent of ‘writer’s block.’

It’s a useful tool; and just like any other tool, it can used skillfully… or it can be abused and misused.

Perspective matters.


I am an artist and I despise A.I. “art”, as it steals artworks of real artists from the web to mash it together to hideous frankensteinian bullshit.
From what I know some art sites like Artstation and FurAffinity have banned A.I. “Art” too.


I’m of two minds…some of it is interesting, and may even be inspiration to spring board off of.

But eventually it may make commercial artist redundant. Which maybe will be fine in post scarcity economy, where people needing something for an ad can just plug it into a computer to poop it out. And artists can spend their free time doing what they want.

But in the meantime, it further degrades art value in the public eye. It will go from “My kid can do that!” to “I can do that with AI!”

In a fanzine I do the layout on, the editor talked about getting some filler art from one of the AI programs, since we are having problems finding fan art to publish. I was pretty firm in that I would not want it to ever be a cover (the only color we get to use) and if used internally, it should be very, very sparingly. I’d rather find bad fan art than good AI art. I’d rather spend my money finding artists to get commissions to use.

My long term prediction - people will find value in art less for the end object and more for the process it took to make. Similar to something like a hand-forged knife or a factory made one. The hand-forged knife may not perform much differently, but the time and draftsmanship it took is part of the appreciation. But, that won’t sustain every artist.

Ironically, the first glance of the featured artist in the post above this looked almost like AI to me. But it isn’t, but boy does it look like it could be (colorful cats with goofy faces, or some such prompt). But knowing it was a human endeavor dramatically changes my opinion of it.

Well, to be clear, it isn’t banned on ALL of Reddit, just on subreddit section.


At least some of these are painted by me by hand in the hopes of tricking people into thinking it’s by Midjourney, because I’m annoying in unexpected ways


Per Frank Herbert, the impulse of the Butlerian Jihad was not because of robot armies, but because the presence of machines thinking like humans leads to humans thinking like machines.


Yep. I think these things give you the sort of picture that you have in your mind when you are trying to compose a picture in your head. Most of the mare rubbish, bit you filter out the ones you like. Here is one I particularly love…

It was done for ELO’s ‘Mister Blue Sky’. I would be hella pleased if my mind had come up with that sort of quality. None of the other images made the cut, but I don’t care for the sake of the one that did.

Is this what the singularity is? We have tools making images, and tools making other tools. They haven’t overtaken the individual artist yet, but AI is on the path, and moving fast. Yep 99% is shit, yet 99% of my artistic output is much the same but I don’t show it. Most of it never gets to paper.

Maybe AI is no more a threat to art then the camera was. It already is tomorrow, and it’s gonna be interesting. But if I was a full-time artist wondering where my next cheque was coming from, I would be worried too.


Disruptive technologies always seem to do this. Having just watched Light & Magic, it’s enlightening to see how such disruption played out in the world of special effects, too (and indeed, with the livelihoods of those who had spent years or decades honing crafts that were no longer commercially relevant.)

There’s a place for AI Art, and it seems likely to me that it will eventually be indistinguishable from human-created art (I don’t like this term, I mean AI is created by humans too, but for lack of a better term…)

As Cory always liked to point out, this happens for all sorts of reasons - Buggy-whip producers regarding horseless carriages, piano players with the advent of piano-roll automated pianos, etc etc. It seems we get closer to his world of “Down and Out” every day.


The “early” (what, like a year ago?) A.I. paintings look intriguing from far away but there is no detail, just vague shapes and colored blobs

I hear you. : ) That’s a different subreddit of course, run by entirely different moderators.

There’s probably a possibility of creating a Trump subreddit that consists of entirely new AI generated content that mirrors his mind-numbing IQ-punching speaking style.

I won’t ever need to be on that one…

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Making digital frakenstein bullshit images from digital images found online is not stealing.

claiming them as “created by” anyone or anything but the unlisted sources is ethically dubious

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Try saying that on a hip-hop forum, tho.

(I know, not remotely the same.)

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