Dungeons & Dragons game delayed

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Better delayed than unplayable bugfest.


From your lips to Bethesda’s ears, too. I am sworn off all preorders until somebody can release a large RPG that doesn’t require multiple patches over several weeks (or months) after release to make the game playable. I’m always happy to wait until some other suckers can pay their $60 for the privilege of being unpaid beta-testers.


Hell, I’m still waiting for Pillars of Eternity to go on sale.

Did they run out of Mountain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos? That usually caused our games to be delayed.

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Announcing a delay this close to the previous launch date is somewhat unusual. I actually have to question if this isn’t partly motivated by the new refund policies on Steam and the very fresh in gamer’s minds issues with Batman: Arkham Knight. In the past a publisher more likely would have just dropped the title into the market and then patched at their leisure.


I misread this as Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide being delayed, and that would have been upsetting.

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