Earning your AWS certification is a good way to skyrocket your IT career

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/05/06/earning-your-aws-certification.html

In fact there is an opening for a vice president in the AWS division at Amazon.



As a hiring manager myself, I will point out that AWS certification is definitely a plus for anyone I hire for “dev ops” roles. It shows a level of expertise above “work with AWS on blahblah project” on your resume.

I can’t speak to nor endorse this particular prep course, however.


I stayed away from certifications in general when I was a hiring manager, but I get your point.

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Well, there’s a big difference between “exclude everyone unless they have certification” and “when deciding between two similar candidates, give more points to the candidate who happens to have also done the work to be certified”. I am in the latter camp, and I know several other folks “in the biz” with similar instructions to requires or their HR team doing resume screening.


Wasn’t meant as an attack. Just be mindful of gatekeeping. I suspect you are.


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