East Oxford Community Centre vs Oxford City Council

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Well, I wasn’t arrested, there were no obvious police there.

A bit of background.

In my opinion it was a minor victory, the community centre kept the keys but the council are taking the issue to court. We won the battle but still have a long fight ahead of us.

I am still waiting for an official statement from EOCA or OCC. There are no online news stories about it yet, but I know that BBC Oxford and the Oxford Mail were there, The BBC have already shown a local television report, but it’s not on iplayer.


Hey, fuck the community centre; they’re sitting on valuable real estate.

…Property ‘values’ blown in a bubble by disenfranchising, wheeling and dealing scumbags.

Thanks for the update, glad you weren’t arrested.

If I may ask; of what form, if any, does the agreement to relinquish the premises take in their ad-hoc scenario?

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