Eat in silence as a sub for meditating

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Is this the same thing as when my mother told me not to talk with a mouthful of food, and don’t chew with your mouth open to boot?

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If you can meditate while eating food that I have prepared for you, I feel like I have failed as an artist…

Eating is a carnal pleasure and should be treated as such.


I deliberately get up about 2 hours ahead of my family just so I can sit on the couch and drink coffee in silence, usually while scratching the dog’s chest. Not a consciously meditative practice but very important to my overall well being.


As a father of a 3 and 5yo, there is nothing I crave more than silence. Some day…

I do get an hour or so to myself when I drive upstate about once a week. I started out listening to podcasts, then music, now quite often silence. Sometimes, if I’m feeling extra lucid, I turn on my voice recorder and get some thoughts out. Traffic doesn’t even bother me anymore, except the last few miles of the long ride back into the city.


I’m imagining the city and cars staying silent until the last few miles into the city, that’s pretty awesome meditating. Just Volts and Leafs and Teslas and sometimes pretending to sing at the top of ones’ lungs out the sunroofs.


Meditating can mean many different things. IMO the appropriate definition here would be fully experiencing the moment instead of paying attention to distractions (like TV for example). That would mean someone can appreciate your food even more this way.


“Eat in silence as a sub” had me expecting that sentence, and this article, would go to very different places.


Thank you! That is exactly what I wanted to say :slight_smile:


I, too, remember fondly my first encounter with the ancient Far-Eastern mystery of shutting the fuck up for once.

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“Eat a sub in silence while meditating”

Makes me wonder what kind of sub works best for meditation. Veggie lover? Listen to the crisp crunch of the vegetables. Meatball? Feel the warm marinara slowly diffuse filling you with warmth.

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