eBay: Huge collection of 80s-90s console videogames


Sooo… what’s his new hobby? I couldn’t imagine just selling my entire collection of anything. And I collect too many things.


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Girls aren’t worth getting rid of everything like that. And besides… let’s be realistic here.


“Hello, I have enough disposable income to afford approximately $164,000 worth of video games, as well as a stable home in which to store said games.” stampede intensifies




Problem is though many highly desirable games are there, lots of those don’t look to be in collectable condition as there doesn’t seem to be mention of boxes & manuals. Hard to say if the asking price is right or not. For some, the hunt is the thrill, for dealers it would be hard to break up the lot and make money on this set.

Is there an Intellivision console and several games to go with it? If not I’m not interested. My fondest video game memories are of playing Advanced D&D on my Intellivision II, the console advertised by George Plimpton. Because they wanted to appeal to the Paris Review reading gamer.

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