Edit and merge PDFs easily with this game-changing Mac app

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If only Paul Manafort had known about this in time.


Pitstop Pro, baby. Though that is a lot more $$$.

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Businesses of any size continue to use PDFs despite - and perhaps because of - their stubborn resistance to simple editing

perhaps because of”? ehm, yes? as far as I know that was the whole idea behind PDFs?!?


Yay! We’ve finally achieved what our collective unconscious has been working toward! A shitty document editing and layout suite that enables terrible workflow habits and invalidates an entire format.


jPDFTweak will handle merging and splitting, as well as a number of other PDF manipulation functions. I am not sure if the author accepts donations or not, it looks like no, so it is just free. http://jpdftweak.sourceforge.net/

I use it and it works well.

That’s because PDFs are optimized for display, not for modification. A PDF’s minimal support for interactivity is by design.


What game are we changing, is what I want to know. Is it backgammon? Chess?


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apparently some kind of avant-garde game where the object is to break the intended function of the subject…


Wizards does make it easy for you to make character sheets in PDF form, but they use a fillable form format.

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