EFF announces the 2015 Pioneer Award winners

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EFF… by Calvin Klein


I’m a fan of the work the EFF does, and I think it’s great that they are doing these awards.

That being said, could they please stop using the word “Pioneer” in a positive light? In light of what we know about the murder and displacement of first nations people, using the metaphor of the Digital Frontier is not just ignorant but also harmful. We need to be working to make the internet inclusive at the same time as we keep it free.

I think that the collection of human astronauts can be viewed as better icon for non-metaphorical pioneers whose work did not include imperial displacement on their frontier.

And lighten up, Francis.

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What about all the pioneers of early medicine? Technology? And as @anon72705028 says, astronauts?
The word does originate from the old French ‘peonier’ which means ‘foot-soldier’ though, but as the word changed (as they do) it came to be known as ‘those in the front’.
It would be just plain silly (and confusing) to return words to their origin.
‘Pioneer’ has had positive connotations for generations.
It stays.
(Until it changes again).
To add; thank FSM for the EFF.

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