EFF to FDA: the DMCA turns medical implants into time-bombs

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At first I thought this was about someone swallowing an early 2000’s cell phone, see x ray image.



Gamergate 2.0 - no more swatting, just killing targets through their implants.

Precision Ransomware - you have 15 minutes to transfer the money into this account or we will give you a heart attack.



I mean that ransomware is really good if you were able to target a koch brother. You could kill one of them to show the other one you meant business.

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Isn’t medically implanted time bombs a plot point in Escape from New York and Suicide Squad?


In the meantime, the FDA has another option: it already attaches a lot of conditions to the certification process for medical devices. It should add one more: a binding promise not to invoke the DMCA to attack security researchers.

I don’t think the will work, because the FDA doesn’t regulate security researchers. I may be wrong, but I think it’s out of their jurisdiction by a country mile.

Well, good luck to them. One thing the EFF has in spades is a huge truckload of ‘I told you this would happen’ to hand out as needed.

Frankly we would be more likely to see results of Anonymous were to hack the implants of various Congresscritters and make it clear to them that fundraising for their next election cycle need not be their only focus.


Replying to my own comment to say that the above sounds like a plot for a mid-quality summer thriller.

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Didn’t you know that our lizard overlords are airgapped and live in Faraday cages?


Isn’t this the plot of Repo the Genetic Opera? Or Repo Men? (The one with Jude Law, 2010)

Well, I saw the porn of course - but I’d hoped it was just a joke.

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