EFF wins big: secret FISA court opinion will be released


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Will be released or must be released under the law? Can’t a secret court make a secret decision not to release it’s secret rulings? Can’t they secretly appeal this public decision to release secret rulings?

Also, will the people who comply with the law and release the rulings be arrested for terrorism?


Good job EFF.

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SHhhhhh. I’d answer all your questions, but it’s a SECRET.

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EFF and ACLU are just about the only two entities able to cut through the ever-deepening bullshit coming out of DC. God, we live in a pathetic comic book nobody wants to buy.

This is the saddest thing ever. America breaks her own laws, secretly, and then convenes a secret court to render secret opinions that it’s okay to say one thing in the Constitution and another in private.

And revealing the opinion is a big victory. How about, yknow, not invading our privacy?


Is this why “New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach” is at the top of Google News? Or is that the same one from this morning? It’s like Groundhog Day.

EDIT: And yes, it is because of the EFF.

Ok, great. I wonder what mutated spawn the FISC has birthed.

It is interesting that the court is attending to “Common Law” like we have here in Canada, where it does not matter how the law was written, but rather, “The Spirit of The Law”, or it’s intent, to be upheld.

America is known as an Imperial Law country, which adheres to strict literal translation of the laws quite apart from the intent, or spirit of the law, and so it is quite interesting to see this judgment, and I wonder if it means America may be switching to common sense based law instead of the letter of the law, or if the reason for the judgment were more nuanced than that.

Only two problems for that conspiracy theory: lack of evidence for it, and ample evidence against. Otherwise it’s plenty fun!


The heavily redacted opinion no less.

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Welp, time to give the patriots some more ammo…

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‘Imperial Law’? Or Napoleonic Code?

I saw some interesting statistics comparing countries’ indices of corruption when ranked by use of Common Law vs. Napoleonic Code. But that was a few years ago…and I can’t find the document right now.

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