EFF's new certificate authority publishes an all-zero, pre-release transparency report

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When was Bong Boing’s most recent warrant canary post, and what did it cover?

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I’m sure there are ways to get clever with it to get even more data out of subsequent transparency reports eg: “We have not received 1 secret demand to turn over data. We have not received 2 secret demands to turn over data…” or “We have not received demands in reference to CFAA section (a)(2). We have not received …”

If it goes into enough detail, a diff could tell you a lot about the state of things.

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I have long wondered what is to stop an NSL gag order from explicitly specifying that it cannot be revealed by indirect means such as a warrant canary. I’m not even clear on the judicial review process to challenge an NSL of this sort.

Anyone have thoughts or links related to this?

Bravo, guys! Every little bit helps, and this should help a lot! Thanx for all that you’re doing.

IANAL but I believe the idea is that since the warrant canary already exists before the NSL is received, such a request means compelling people to lie, which I’m told is more legally problematic than compelling silence.

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