Elaborate spear-phishing attempt against global Iranian and free speech activists, including an EFF staffer

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Maybe I’ll start a bank that has people waiting at the front of the bank to perform services for walk-in clients! That way, my workers, who we’ll call…“tellers”, can verify people face-to-face for extra security. It’s foolproof!


Seems relevant.

Moral: Don’t trust the good news.

turn on two-factor authentication… sadly, almost no US banks use it

Really? My dinky little credit union does.


This sounds like a spearfishing 419 scam- if this person cannot tell that this is a scam, we’ll be able to convince her to do almost anything. And as with some 419 scams, they got trolled back. Instead of taking advantage of someone’s greed, they appeal to their want to be heard and get their story out.

Were we reading the same article? I didn’t see anyone “trolling back.” And it wasn’t “we’ll be able to convince her to do almost anything,” it was a targeted attack specifically to get the user’s Gmail login credentials, including the two-factor code.

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