Elden Ring adds ray-tracing at long last

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I didn’t believe that The Lands Between had a sun until I had been playing for well over 80 hours, looked it up online, then finally one day saw it myself, tiny and hazed.

For me, the weird lighting glitches were the biggest graphical pitfall in an otherwise beautiful game. Maybe if they implement DLSS I will be able to turn on the ray tracing some day.


Every time i’ve enabled raytracing, it has never been worth the performance hit. In Cyberpunk, I turned it up to “psycho” and could barely tell the difference visually. Likewise with Witcher 3, subtle changes even RT Ultra the change just wasn’t worth it. Without comparing screenshots I barely notice.

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ray traced half life

The go big or go home visual style sort of reminds me of Jedi Knights Mysteries of the Sith expansion which promised dramatic lighting.

I really like God Rays in games and will stop off to enjoy them.

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