Elden Ring players discover way to kill the only friendly NPC in the game

Originally published at: Elden Ring players discover way to kill the only friendly NPC in the game | Boing Boing

apparently even FromSoft themselves didn’t think of this possibility.

They might not know their audience as well as they think they do. Especially if there are a lot of adolescent boys of all ages in that audience.


I’d write an update that killed the NPC permanently if the player succeeded in efforts to kill her. Dead & gone from savegames, dead and gone from new games esp if it makes it unplayable.

That’d be hilarious.

You killed your original NPC & you want a New NPC? Dolla dolla DLC, suckah.

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For some, killing the NPCs is the game.


Or at least a game. I played through the Mass Effect trilogy several times, and one of my favorites ended up being the “loneliest Shepard” run. It was tricky because you can fail the first game if you play poorly enough, but I managed to kill every killable NPC and crewmember, leaving only two crew members alive for the final run in ME1…and both of those were from DLCs, so every “canon” character was gone.

It ended up changing sequences in the later games that I was already familiar with, and it was interesting to see how Bioware dealt with that. I was also surprised to find that I really thought of this version of Shepard not as cruel and callous, as I expected, but as a complete coward who’s just saving his own skin while he accidentally saves the galaxy.

I also did a “save everyone” run, but as that’s an expected mode of play it ended up not being as memorable for me.


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