Electron microscope video of needle riding vinyl grooves

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That was super-cool. Thanks!



We need cheaper vacuum tech. Too few have access to such technology. Even the cheapo secondhands often come without service documentation so repairs are an uncertain affair.

…this translates to the need for cheaper precision manufacturing tech. The 3d-printed-guns folks better get in gear so we have selective laser melting machines on every desktop, and 304L stainless steel powder bags in every grocery store. The turbopumps won’t make themselves, but a laser melting machine could do it for them.


Oh man, Ben’s blog is my new rabbit hole. Interesting science videos without crazy cuts, background music, weird lighting, tilted angles, etc. Thanks for posting.


I am getting tired of all those animated gifs under the video links.

A-B testing probably shown that it increases the play rate on the videos themselves. We inflicted this plague to ourselves by our behavior, which was datamined and used to monetize us.


Used needle bin? That’s really a thing?

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Sounds like medical waste.

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I leik records.

“I put the needle to the groove
I get rude and I’m forced to fuck it up
my style carries like a pick-up truck”
–Inspector Deck

Considering the creator of the content states in his video that the electron microscope images were compiled into a GIF, this is probably one of the least appropriate threads to make that complaint in.


Don’t cut up the Wendy Carlos - Switched on Bach!!!, Nooo!! That was a cool album and an early work of synthesizer genius, playing (actually laying down multiple tracks for the different notes) Bach on a Moog synthesizer.

Who else had that Wendy Carlos - Switched on Bach as a record, then a cassette, then a CD, and then just disembodied bits?

It’s interesting when he gets into the difficulties of preparing CD and DVD data surfaces. I had already learned those lessons from a physics project where I had to determine the pitch width of the tracks in CDs and DVDs. If you want to “see” the pitch width at home, you can use a laser-pointer and the formula for diffraction and interference. It’s actually really easy, since there are so many tracks over the area of the laser dot, the interference pattern is actually very tight and coherent.

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http://ggif.tumblr.com/post/121845046540 2 comments immortalized in 1 gif

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