Electronics repair shops overbill for labor when the customer has insurance

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So it’s just like medical insurance where the fully insured help subsidize the uninsured? Pretty ok with that model.

I think it’s more a scam on all of the insured (especially those who don’t need repairs), because if the costs of repairs go up, the premiums have to as well (unless you think the insurer is going to eat the extra costs).


Stop, you’re making too much sense.


Yeesh, look at the state of that case. Implement some proper cable management. Stat.

Note: These are Austrian economists, not austrian economists.

These ones have used data to provide evidence for a conclusion rather than blaming government because reasons.


This is a dog bites man story, but QFMFT. Remember this next time anyone discusses health care/health insurance.


Boy, if I had laid out the cabling like the one in the photo when I was building PCs back in the day, my boss would would have told me to do it over again.

/ one of our customers came back from wintering in Florida. He had to have his PC repaired while there and brought it to a local shop. The shop told him that they had never seen such a cleanly put-together machine. He had to come back and tell us.

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