Email dead again




Are we all going to switch to his walled garden by any chance, because of something something social graph?


Articles declaring such-and-such to be dead are common clickbait fodder on tech websites. They’re later followed by other articles declaring such-and-such to not be dead after all. (Another article right near this one in my Twitter feed declared a “resurgence of vinyl records”.)


Just let me know when I can take the mailbox off my house because the USPS is dead again.


email is about to die
email needs food, badly!


Email is dead! Long live email.


Great, email can rejoin blogging, HTML, Facebook, Microsoft, the PC, PC gaming, console gaming, rock & roll, every other genre of music, television, film, analog, letter writing, conversation, irony, privacy, Obamacare, cash, print, chivalry, God, and Bela Lugosi.


What is Facebook? Please send me an email with a description of it.


Email needs a turkey leg!!


If email is dead, someone please tell all my gd “social” accounts, because they all seem to embrace incessant emailing with open arms…


is dead.


You missed Generalissimo Francisco Franco.




Some of this is obviously talking up Asana, but I wonder if some is just a case of businessman perspective. Sure, to me calling something so prevalent a dead technology is just obtuse. But there are lots of people for whom something is either growing and ever-more monetizable, or it has already passed beyond the world as they see it, even if they have it in front of their eyes every day.


There must be some business/tech journalism ban on the concept of passé. Calling something “dead” must make their inane articles more clickbaity.


I suspect that to people who work in, or write about, the side of the tech industry that lives by building and flipping internet bubble companies as fast as possible, anything except growth so fast it attracts oncologists is indistinguishable from death…


I got people telling me that email was dead when I started on the PRISM-PROOF work.

I don’t know about you but I really don’t want my bank, my doctor or my accountant sending me email through Facebook. And those are the applications where I want privacy.

If I put something on Facebook, I don’t consider it private.


Email: Because where else am I gonna find a fast, easy way of talking to you, but not wanting to talk to you that urgently?


Try applying for jobs by giving them a Facebook account link in replace of an email and watch your job prospects go “dead”.


“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” - Email