Emailing while asleep

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somnambulistic episode may have been triggered by prescript­ion medication.

Gosh these kids today…

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I have gotten weird IM’s and text messages from people I know taking Ambien. So this is quite believable.


This is pretty fascinating! If this became a recurring problem, how could one set up security to thwart one’s self??

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Man, I’ve had dreams where I just have to type a word out and it’s fucking impossible.


And phones remove all three of these barriers, and we tend to use them in bed much more. Sounds like a good field of study to get in on the ground floor of…


I’d lock up my laptop, and put it in a room with a bucket of water set up over the door. Hopefully, that would be enough to make sure I’d wake up before typing anything


Yes, what you’ve described is exactly my problem. I fall asleep with the phone in my hand and then… stuff happens. I’ve somehow managed to videocall my sisters in a group chat and woken to them calling my name and asking if everything’s ok. I’ve also downloaded innumerable pics, images and files if the random shit I find on my phone in galleries etc when I wake up is anything to go by.

Anyway, none of this is emailing while asleep but hopefully still slightly relevant. Apologies for the off-topic post if not!


So, yeah…I have emailed while on ambien, answered the phone, written an online dating profile, and (my favorite) ordered some shoes online. I was technically awake-ish when these things happened, buuuuuuuuuut I had no memory of doing them. Luckily, the phone call was with someone drunk-dialing so neither of us knew what we said.

The shoe order offered up a cool nugget of truth: I still think like myself when I’m not myself. I found some fabulous blue sandals that were a little more expensive than I could justify (while drifting off), and woke up to find an order confirmation for them in my inbox. I pieced together the timeline - under influence I emailed a friend lamenting how amazing they were, but so spendy. Found five open search tabs looking for the shoes cheaper, and/or discounts. Saw in the confirmation that I got them with a double discount of 30% off plus free shipping. Then I emailed my friend again about my great bargain success. So, yay me for doing exactly my normal routine in my sleep.

The dating profile was also a great incident, because I wrote really well under the influence, only had a couple typos, and as per my typical self, I didn’t release it to public scrutiny, just wrote it and signed off. I’m actually hoping that I’ll write a novel this way. :grin:


During basic training I shared an eight-person bay with four bunk beds, and a wall-locker per soldier. We usually only got 4-6 hours of sleep per night, which I’m sure exacerbated his problem, but one of the guys was a frequent sleepwalker. The funniest/most complicated thing he did was unlock his pad-locked wall-locker with the key around his neck and piss in it. Of course we intervened, but I wonder if he would’ve closed and locked the locker back up if we hadn’t.

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