Emergency room nurse called 911 for medical help

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Had a friend who took someone to the emergency who themselves developed a condition requiring treatment. Had to call 911 to get an ambulance response to get admitted. Forget the details, but bureaucracy … In Edmonton, Canada


In this case, it’s not bureaucracy, but it’s our healthcare system that’s near collapse. :woman_shrugging: We’re fucked here in America, because we refuse to make a few changes to our healthcare system that would benefit everyone.


There were reportedly over 45 people in the department’s waiting room and only five nurses on staff.

America will sooner settle for this kind of embarrassing irony than offending conservatives by paying nurses more and/or fast-tracking immigrants trained in nursing.


Everything is working just the way it supposed to, keep up the great work Murica.


To be clear, this wasn’t in Seattle. This was in Silverdale, which is across the Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula. Not to say that hospitals in Seattle aren’t having issues, but the Silverdale hospital’s staffing problems are exacerbated by long standing problems with healthcare in smaller communities.


Friend could not get a response despite pressing the ‘nurse’ button repeatedly. They called 911. And got a proper response. Words to remember imho.

Thanks! Fixed.

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The system collapsed in 2020. What remains is like an overcrowded shelter after a hurricane has destroyed everything else. It’s terribly inadequate for the long haul, and that it functions at all is due to the sacrifice of the ones who feel like they still have it in them to help others.

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You’d think that would prompt us to overhaul the system, but then again, so many of our institutions have collapsed thanks the constantly drumbeat of privatization from (primarily) the GOP, that they’ve all got some deep rot…


It’s not really about bureaucracy in Edmonton either. In the middle of the pandemic, instead of giving needed resources, the Conservatives did things like try to cut nurses’ pay. Surprise, the result is that the healthcare system is stressed there too. One might almost imagine they prefer it that way…


This is an article about a nurse calling 911.
Are you telling a separate anecdote about your friend calling 911 from a hospital bed?

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Sorry for the confusion, please feel free to delete my comment.


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