Emergency service broadcast to my iPhone


I turned these off. I was getting too many weather alerts and amber and elder alerts. I really don’t need my phone blaring at 2 am to tell me that a flash flood warning is in effect until 4:30 am because I’m going to be sleeping that entire time.


Clearly you do not live somewhere with actual weather. (Insert CA stereotypes here).

Phones of all makes have been doing this for a while now, like a year or two. It’s especially entertaining if you work in an office on the east coast and a thunderstorm is about to roll through, and everyone’s phones start up with their symphony of screeching within 5-6 seconds of each other.


Also, as a bonus, the only alerts you can’t turn off are the “presidential” alerts. This is supposedly reserved for something along the lines of “The atom bombs are dropping right now GTFO” and has to be authorized by the White House before it can be broadcast.

This was all set up in a law passed and signed during the Bush administration, but since the implementation is just now rolling out in the past several years, it’s resulted in lots of entertaining wingnuts screeching about Emperor Obama when they can’t disable ‘Presidential Alerts’ on their iphones.


Yes this happened to me when I already knew there was a flood alert and it happened at 5 a.m. when I was dead tired and FINALLY got to sleep. My house is on a hill, so even though I am close to a sound I never personally worry about flooding. Thanks iPhone!

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Pardon me, I have to go do yoga and then meditate through the storm.


Stay safe. You’re one of my favorite bipeds.


I’m enjoying the twitter snark as it rains outside.



Same thing happened to me this morning. First time I’ve had a smart phone during a storm like this. I jumped when the tone went off.

And for those who aren’t sure where they hid the ability to turn these messages off, go to Settings->Notifications and scroll all the way down to the bottom.

They tend to produce weather alerts around me for the most trivial and stupid storms that “might” turn into something serious so I killed the notifications to get the damn things to go away.

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Its been 2-3 years since we’ve had a big storm and this is the first I’ve seen it. Seems pretty specific to get an alert at 8:45 telling me flash flood warnings until 9:30am.

Zomg, iPhones do everything!!!1

Realistically all modern smartphones do this.


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I’m frankly surprised that BB didn’t do a front-page post on the storm, as apparently it’s a pretty BFD.

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This happened to me with an amber alert. It was the weirdest thing and different noise that my phone had not made before. Kind of startling. Yet that said, the woman and child were found not that far from my home. The person recognized them from the amber alert we all received. It really worked. http://www.kptv.com/story/24781697/amber-alert-issued-for-woman-2-kids-north-of-seattle


I’m surprised that anyone connected with BB wouldn’t know about that default setting in smart phones. Not being facetious here: I’m really surprised. There’s so much awareness about electronics and making smart choices regarding how they can best work for each individual.


My Galaxy S3 has done this several times to me in the middle of the night, it’ll vibrate and make really loud noises. It’s scared the crap out of me, and when i check the alert it’s been for flood warnings several counties over… like… i’d have to drive an hour or two away to be where the flood is. I can’t seem to be able to disable the emergency warning and i hate it.

Happened to me and woke me up around midnight one night last summer. Severe T-storms/Tornado warning. Storm brought massive trees down and did a lot of damage to homes and vehicles. Fortunately, nothing fell on my house but I was prepared to take cover if it got to be too intense in my immediate area. Other people in my neighborhood weren’t so lucky. 2 killed that night. So yeah, Thanks iPhone!

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I remember when we lived in coastal Georgia, and the radio was constantly getting interrupted by the emergency broadcast system to warn of severe weather. Never seems to happen up here in the PNW.

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I got an Amber Alert on my phone a while back. They’re bad enough: here’s 140 characters about some car you’ve never seen, and a child is getting hurt. Great.

Now stagger these, so that people get them at random times of day.
Now make them sound like the proximity alarm at a major art museum.

This must have driven the ushers absolutely nuts. No thanks.

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