Emoji for sexting




Haha, “Booty call” took me a little while.

Edit: Oh, I see you can just go by the image name. Gymshorts Boner - Flirtmoji.png, for example.


Kinky Rebuses (BANDNAME!)


WTF is the fork with the … worm??? on it?


I don’t understand what some of these are.

Yeah, I’m not really getting that last one.


That’s not a worm, look closer.


I can’t…


Oh, I thought that was a nutsack. I wondered why they needed a phone.


Nice to see they’ve got Captain Kirk covered.


Haha, me too. I couldn’t figure out why the balls were on the phone.


Somewhere in this bizarre collection of sex-themed clip art is a touching story about two aliens from the planet of the breast people bonding over their mutual love for fresh fruit.


Just look at that banana with a condom on it emoji. Just look at it!


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