Endangered and beloved Sumatran elephant Yongki killed in apparent ivory poaching

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Gawddam jerks. Why they gotta kill all the good things?!?!?



Because a billion Chinese who put a lot of stock in “traditional” medicine have a LOT of money to spend?

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Sounds like Dr. Walter Palmer needed some ivory for his dental practice.


Like recreational drugs there is a market for ivory, like it or not. Protected elephants should (and this is a case of us being unable to have nice things/harm reduction) have the tusks remove at various intervals and be fitted with whatever kind of prosthetic tusk is appropriate made of Ti or whatever. Destroy the payoff for poaching, same with rhinos. Then sell the harvested horn or ivory to fund conservation efforts, no sky high prohibition prices, no black market, no reason to poach.

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Goddam humans. I think R’as Al’Ghul has a point sometimes.

Let me repeat myself:

Yep. Only Ivory is less used with medicine and more carved for status pieces. If only they were more American they could just all drive big, fast, expensive cars and expensive watches to show how well off they are.

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That is totally different. What if they were made of Jade or Quartz or Jasper? Woolly Mammoth Ivory are fossilized remains (well, not sure if it is technically fossilized). But those creatures are long dead. I would agree it would be horrible cutting up whole tusks that belong in museums for dice or other items, but pieces like that are from fragments that have no real value other than their aesthetics.

Similar case in point - ever been to the petrified wood forest? I would agree it would be horrible to destroy a large log, but in my own fossil hunting I have found many fragments of petrified wood and some of them really have no more use than being a pretty rock.

I should have linked to every post in that thread… Especially the one where I said:

People should be made to feel embarrassed to even admitting that they own anything made out of ivory.
Rich and/or powerful and/or famous people don’t think that the laws of nature or of humankind apply to them.

Then my “…we just need them to stop” comment would make more sense.

I’m starting a rumor that the dried genitals of poachers can be ground into a fine powder and used to cure a variety of diseases. Pass it on.


Ah - ok - yes, I agree new ivory items shouldn’t be made at this point. Though I bet we will find a way to grow it in a lab at some point.

Well, I see there are many complaints about his death and righfully so. But I also noticed it was living a life of work and there’s a lovely chain bracelet around his leg to prove it. No more daily pain, work and suffering for Yongki. He wasnt a ranger, he was forced to abid mans desires. We’re a bunch of pathetic walking embryos that cant even grow a lousy winter coat, yet we rate ourselves superior. PFFT
Your days of doing service for humans and feeling their pain are over. RIP Yongki


Surely the ground up bones of people who owned elephant ivory would be even more powerful than the ivory itself.

I mean, if people are going to go with magical thinking on this topic…

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heh, homeopathic ivory? The dilution makes it stronger. And since that ivory never came in contact with those people’s bones how could it possibly be more dilute? It’s the ultimate cure!


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