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Someone please do “turtles all the way down”.

Now this is what I’d call a high horse.

…whatever he ate, I want some too…

I scrolled for ages before I realised I had the wrong breed and would never get to the battery staple.

I don’t get it, this just looks like a horse with no hooves.

$ lynx http://endless.horse

(()`  ``)\))),,_
 |     \ ''((\)))),,_          ____
 |6`   |   ''((\())) "-.____.-"    `-.-,
 |    .'\    ''))))'                  \)))
 |   |   `.     ''                     ((((
 \, _)     \/                          |))))
  `'        |                          (((((
            \                  |       ))))))
             `|    |           ,\     /((((((
              |   / `-.______.<  \   |  )))))
              |   |  /         `. \  \  ((((
              |  / \ |           `.\  | (((
              \  | | |             )| |  ))
               | | | |             || |  '

   [Document has only hidden links. Use the 'l'ist command.]

The ones with five legs aren’t ridable unless the fifth leg ends somewhere.

Horses actually have infinite number of legs.

  1. We first must establish that horses have an even number of legs - yes?
  2. A horse has forelegs and back legs.
  3. It has two back legs.
  4. Four plus two is six, thus it has six legs
  5. Six is an odd number of legs for a horse to have
  6. But the number must also be even!
  7. The only number which is both even and odd is infinity
  8. Therefore, a horse has an infinite number of legs
    From here because it was faster to find than to type.

Rob sez: Behold! An ASCII horse without end. This is straight-up the best thing put on the internet so far this decade. Great praise indeed, from the former holder of that end-less title:

Congrats on your citizenship, Rob! Please don’t forget: tinkering with your freedom voids the warranty.


With that little _ it looks like a unicorn, eh @jerwin? Hooves? :wink:

It’s an allusion to the symbolism in Daniel. By not having feet, the horse transcends the weakness of clay.

Of course, it is also a christological figure.

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The Horse’s leg
A HORSE (Equus caballus) can gallop at a speed of up to 30 miles per hour (50 km/h). Although this involves considerable mechanical work, relatively little energy is spent. How is this possible? The secret is in the horse’s legs.
check this amazing video https://youtu.be/mc-HtCHFDo8

While the information is pretty much accurate, I am quite resentful of the video’s condescending tone assuming that complexity in any way somehow disproves evolution and supports creationism.

It’s very good at begging the question, without supporting the argument. And I’ve seen more and more creationist literature recently that seems to assume the consequent that an impressive, interesting, or complex feature of an animal is somehow impossible without the specifically Abrahamic god. Even though these things don’t really say anything in support of creationism at all.

But yes, horses are impressive creatures that have adapted exquisitely well to the ecological niche they fill. Almost as if the horses that don’t fit in die really quick while the better ones live… I’m drawing at straws here… There’s gotta be a word for it… Maybe… Evolution by natural selection? Yeah that seems to cover all the bases.

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