Enjoy watching the NASA astronauts spacewalk

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I can not count the number of times I’ve startled at the start of a NASA video at the approaching spacecraft only to realize it was my cursor


I wonder if they ever get tired of the music


They should listen to all the radio stations directly below them instead:



Super cool! Thanks for this!


If you’re looking for something even more geeky than this to put up on a spare screen, checkout spacedashboard.com.
It combines two sets of views from the ISS, a map of the ISS’s current position, a chart showing the current solar activity and aurora predictions, a list of the names of everyone in space right now, and a map of currently identified asteroids:

Oh, and if you scroll down is has NASA’s DSN status page, which shows you all the individual antennae making up the Deep Space Network, and what spacecraft they’re currently communicating with.

I sneakily inserted this into the rotation of our ‘dashboard’ screen at work, which is supposed to show server statuses etc.

May I suggest Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopia by Hannah Peel for some great SPACE! music:


i completely understand the appeal of the concept of space tourism. i would go in a second.

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Imagine trying to set up a deckchair in zero-G? It is hard enough with gravity.

I’m tickled by how much astronauts resemble chubby little babies in romper suits.


i am sure there is a very complex strapping system to keep my chair stable while i sip an iced tea (from the cool drink pouch inside my chubby baby suit) and watch the earth below. SCIENCE!

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