Entire amusement park for auction


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I bid 412 skee-ball tickets.


You can make a small fortune in the amusement park business.

If you start out with a large one.

FWIW, I’m impressed with how clean and new everything looks.


I went out there something like 8-10 years ago with my family, it was a really nice quaint park. I could tell that its attendance had gone down, but the quality of the park was really nice. Hopefully the property will keep a lot of the existing buildings they had but if the park is being demoed in its entirety that’s pretty sad (if i’m thinking of the right place, i’ll have to check my picture folders at home)


Maybe if I hit the Mega Millions / Billions.


I’ll only bid on it if it’s haunted!


Ohhh, I really want a couple of the bumper cars! That would be fun on a bun bouncing around with my son. Then I could drive to my friends house two blocks away assuming I can secure a cooler to it somehow…unless they’re electric then I’d need a really long cord.


Yea, I don’t think internal combustion bumper cars were much of a hit. Turns out they crash too hard, and emit carbon monoxide.


Check the ceramic tiles before you start bidding.


Haha! That reminds me of the old Danny the Dragon ride at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose. It was (is) a train that slowly guides you through storyland scenes, and the engine that pulled it was powered by an onboard diesel engine. For the entire ride, you’d be breathing diesel exhaust. The park had a huge makeover a couple years ago, and I think they fixed that problem.


I want a bumper boat. I want to putter that thing around the yachts on Lake Washington.


Loved the Bumper Boats as a kid. Driving them is counter-intuitive. Spent most of my time spinning around in a circle, laughing hysterically.


That’s exactly how I drive them. Or did, until I got old and motion sick :confused:


Never heard of it.

If you’ve got a time machine, check out


Yep, I visited Frontier Village as a kid. I remember driving there in a friend’s mom’s station wagon, with the third seat that faces to the back. Things that stick in my mind about that place is the Lost Dutchman Mine Ride, Indian Jim’s Canoes, El Sito Mysterio, and of course the Stagecoach. There was also fishing for gold fish (?) in a barrel or some such, memory’s kinda hazy after all those decades.


I remember it being in the middle of a forest, with giant oak trees? It would have been a nice place to hang out even if you were a grown-up who didn’t want to have anxiety attacks on the rides.


Yeah, half a billion after taxes, AND a Chili Cheese Dispenser.I would be dead in a week.




Everything looks freshly installed. Too good to be true?


Safety first.
And don’t get me started on rubber O-rings on mission-critical parts.