Envelope icon?


I have started seeing this odd envelope icon that I’ve never seen before. What does it mean?


It means that the person replied via email, instead of logging onto the BBS.


Ah, thanks. I kept tapping it expecting something to happen.

I didn’t know you could reply to posts that way but I guess that’s because I always just use the browser.


Someone finally had the courage to speak up! I also have been wondering about the envelope icon since I started noticing it about… a week ago or so? I just didn’t have the chops to pop the question.

EDIT: @LDoBe, you can reply via email? I never even knew you could do that, let alone that there was a icon for it.


Yeah. I used to have the BBS email me all the replies I got. But I prefer cleaning up my messes on the BBS in person, instead of having them following me to my inbox.

It’s still setup to email me a digest if I haven’t visited in 12 or 24 hours, but that never happens, seeing as I’m a regular.


You can even get a badge for it now. I’m almost tempted to turn email notifications on for a bit, just to do it once.



Why would we care?

It could be interesting statistically on the back-end - but when things like “reply as linked topic” are removed from a giant gutter of white, it’s obvious that screen real-estate is at a premium on our 1280x720 monitors.


Don’t ask me! I just live here. I’m not writing the interface.

Although, the email indicator can be useful to show that whoever’s replying to you may not be keeping up with the thread at all.


It also stands as an excuse for some grammatical errors or spelunking missiles.


Great word-picture. But I’m not sure what it means… Like when someone replies to the wrong person? Or like a post in reply that doesn’t actually linkback to the op?


It’s supposed to be what might have been autocorrected from a misspelling of “spelling mistakes.”

Hmm. I guess if I have to explain it, it’s not funny.



I do most of my BB browsing from my phone. I still make plenty of mistakes.


Well, I’ll be damned.


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