Environmentalists sue White House for access to withheld public records on pesticide use

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I don’t want to discourage anyone from donating to the Center for Biological Diversity, but that seems to miss the point. As long as we live in a country where Dow can spend $75M in lobbying and a total of over $6 million a year PER CONGRESSMAN is spent on lobbying, the answer of us chipping in a few bucks to help the good guys to lobby back is a fools errand. Ultimately, either we reform corporate electioneering or we do nothing.


Not to mention all the other fringe financial benefits. It is no accident your average congressman is a millionaire.


Wasn’t EPA’s mission to nuke Springfield or something?

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We can point the finger at Dow and the government agencies but it was our lawmakers who accepted the bribes and halted progress.

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I agree that the corporate money in politics is toxic.

I don’t think that they’re trying to counter-lobby, which would be like trying to fight the tide with a tea spoon. They watch and monitor, and pick battles where a small effort can get large results; if not a victory, then an embarrassing amount of public attention.


Look face it. A corporate coup has hijacked our country…
To think this is a democracy at this point is beyond naive.
The greed has reached critical mass and the richest are running above the laws reach.

We the people, as citizens of the United States. have a responsibility to take them to task.
One person one vote scares the crap out of them, but we are too easily manipulated to use our most effective weapon.


Hey, if you don’t vote for corporation A or corporation B, you’re just throwing your vote away!

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