Equifax announces "retirement" of the IT execs who presided over the mass-doxing of America


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Sure the executives get a choice to resign/retire…


You forgot to mention one of them had no experience in IT. They had a music degree



Well I have a degree in dropped out but lots of IT experience so the degree is meh… no actual IT experience though. Must be nice to get a exec job and not have any idea what you are overseeing.


Sure, no judgment. But you weren’t responsible for a major data breach, im sure as hell going to judge the responsible party


Retirement, but not fired. So Directive 4 is still in effect, right?


Oh with the mess I am supporting now I am currently glad I didn’t have anything to do with the design. I keep seeing Archer in my head going ‘Do you want to get hacked? Cause this is how you get hacked’


“Retired.” In other words asked to take a payoff amount in exchange for their taking the heat about this issue. Most of us who have worked IT know the problem generally starts with CEO’s and boards who refuse to invest the money needed to secure their shit, and leave their IT departments understaffed, underpaid, and woefully unable to meet the patching cycles and security norms of our current world environment. I’ve long since moved into an organization that takes security very seriously, but users at most companies would never put up with the shit we put our users through to keep our network safe and secure. And that’s another reason why this happens: CEO’s and other employees won’t put up with the hoops needed to secure their stuff, and so refuse to take those necessary steps.


Sure they retire - with ginormous profits from the stocks they reportedly have been selling like hotcakes since the breach was discovered… I smell a Big Corp RAT stinkin’ up the place!


May 1,000 golden parachutes bloom


the punchline was the applause from the roomful of execs, not the snickering of the two nerds in the corner.


I’ve never understood firing the guy who screws up. I mean, if he’s thieving, that’s one thing; thieves gonna thieve. But if he failed to encrypt the thing, you can be sure that guy will never again forget to encrypt the thing. Maybe instead of firing, they should make him clean up his mess?


Different executives. The ones mentioned in this story don’t overlap with the ones who are reported to have sold stock.

I understand cynicism, but cynical fictions always distract from the bad that DID happen. FUD helps nobody.


It’s OK. They earned it.


Pour encourager les autres.


I appreciate your level-headed response and clarification. I don’t trust Big Corp executives, no matter.


I don’t either - I’m a huge fan of sticking what people did do, to them!


Correct. I don’t work in big corporate America right now but when I did, this was the norm, not the exception. IT as a whole is viewed the same as the janitorial staff - an expense they begrudgingly pay.


I do, and my company is an exception. I noticed while freelancing for them that the VP in charge of the east coast has one corner office, and the two senior IT guys share the other one. I gotta say I appreciate those priorities. Also, there are two VPs. I have to say that the shortage of other kinds of VP in a company with >1500 employees is refreshing. Clear lines of management. IT reports to the two VPs, without IT we sink.


Get Rick Deckard to announce the ‘retirement’ of some Equifax executives; and then maybe we can talk.