Erotica author says Amazon is hurting her $10 million yearly sales

Smelled like a #slatepitch.

That sounds like “Gor f’r the ladies”. Creepy, to me.

Also, an affiliate link would simply make Mark but one of the New Pornographers.

Something something disruptive ohhh, yeah! something.

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How’s his singing voice? As good as Neko Case?

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Like if porn is something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Better than Neko Chan, not as good as Necco Wafers.

There we go - candy porn.

Those 3d printers that fuse sugar are not enabling enough homebrew Wonka’s, IMHO. Self-publish or perish.


Exactly. Just because she’s not likely to garner much support from the BB commentariat doesn’t mean they shouldn’t care. If Amazon’s wiling to cook search results for a high-earner author/publisher, imagine how little sleep they’ll loose over doing it to authors you like. Even people who don’t give a hoot about authors should be bothered by the prospect of their own searches corralling them towards something other than what they’re looking for.


[quietly changes career]

Which is a good reason to go to a local bookstore and talk with the people that work there instead. Eff Amazon, a hundred times over.


Amazon is my local bookstore!

And Starbucks is my local coffee shop.


You live in Seattle?

Sorry, I don’t care about her specific finances, I care about Amazon cooking my searches due to a conflict of interest. That’s egregious anti-marketplace bullshit and deserves to be called out.


Also, Ladywank would be an excellent name for a Britpop band.


It would be interesting to take the $50,000 a month and spend it on marketing elsewhere, but that raises the question of whether AdWords is worth the money either. Neither one seems to provide much bang for the buck.

“Amazon is needling into her market”

“Amazon thrusts passionately into her market, again and again and again… Until she finally blurts out ‘No! No more!’”


I am NOT going to google this at work, but is there financial erotica? I mean, really filled with the nuts-n-bolts of finance, numbers, margins, etc etc etc.

As opposed to pure financial porn, which is what the WSJ puts out.

How’s this?

mmm… yeah, baby…

No need for such finesses. We just get fucked.


Many moons ago I worked with a search engine company. It was truly shocking how easy it was to manipulate the search results.

The company I worked with had the ability to load in special thesauruses, for example, a legal one, to help search for related but specialized terms used in your profession.

However, you could use the feature to bias search results. One company that used our software sold wine, and when you searched for “bordeaux” the ones that would float to the top of the list were the ones with the highest profit margins.

A search for “Jaid” should hit exactly on her name, given that it is not a word in and of itself. So, yeah, someone’s doing some search engine tinkering.


Can we please stop calling porn “erotica” just because it’s for a female audience?