Kindle Unlimited is being flooded with 3,000-page garbage books that suck money out of the system


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I believe the term for what I feel here is “Schadenfreude”.

Paying per page read? Ugly stuff from what has become an ugly company.


I feel there is data enough here to create a useful rule of thumb or law perhaps “the law of unintended consequences”. Or perhaps Goodhart’s law, “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” Perhaps page read to was a good measure until it became the target.


“Crapflooding scammers”

The name of my garageband.


It probably wasn’t intended, but clearly Amazon didn’t really care that much about how well the system worked for the authors. Money comes in one end, goes out the other, and they skim off the middle. As long as that keeps happening, they’re happy. Given that KU is basically a vanity publishing program, and the point of vanity publishing is to separate an author from their money, why is anyone surprised that they treat the authors badly? The surprising thing to me is that they have any subscribers.


This is why we can’t have nice things… OMG…


AAAARGH! Why do I never think of these things first?


I think I’m mostly bothered that Amazon knows more about me than my spouse.

Imagine if they could somehow measure the pages turned in a physical book. If authors of these books didn’t get paid until I’ve read their books, I’ve screwed over quite a few of them.


I knew there was a good reason to keep ignoring the Kindle Unlimited offer.


Welcome to my 3,000 page Fighting Fantasy Book, to enter the dungeon, turn to page 3,000.


I am mystified that their metric for paying people is based on page reads. Though technically even this is incorrect, the metric isn’t page reads, it’s what’s the last page you’ve viewed in relation to the page count. I’m sure Amazon could tell what pages have been actively read vs last page seen.
Even if they changed it to correctly calculate page reads this is a shitty way to treat and pay authors. It’d make sense if it was an option the author could opt for so that they can price their books low, or keep the cost of doing business with amazon low.
Imagine if i had cable and i only pay in relation to how much i watch TV. It’d be free most months :smiley:


If you don’t like games, don’t impose systems.


It us an option for authors. You don’t have to participate. You can price your book for purchase only, and receive 70% royalties. I make more in one month on my Amazon books than I do in a year on my traditionally published books.


A vanity press charges authors to publish with it. KDP is free, and KU – which, yes, sucks – is an option but not a requirement.


When’s your first album coming out? Will it be on Amazon Music?


Good to know there are options within Amazon. I do get the point of the page read metric, but what a terrible implementation.


If you chose to enter the dungeon, turn to page 1. If you chose to not give a crap, turn to page 2,9999


I agree. Right now, I opt to be in it because it seems those who use KU don’t tend to buy books anyway, so I don’t lose money and many people do pay full price. But I think it’s days are numbered.


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His name was Dingo, I miss him a lot…