Even as Google was making nice during employee walkout, it was secretly asking the Trump administration to ban email labor organizing


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And here I was wondering whether the conservative/Libertarian push toward rolling back regulations in general might also include repealing Taft-Hartley.



Me too…


Hey Google, don’t be evil. Wasn’t that one of your founding tenets?


That was before they got all that sweet money


Too bad their motto isn’t “Don’t be a dick!”


You’re using your work email to organize? I don’t care if it’s legal, I don’t care if it’s protected by eleven constitutions - how incredibly naive!


That definitely sounds like amateur hour to me. IT can easily at request of a manager pull up internal email conversations, if i was trying to organize against my employer or stand up to them i would be doing it through another external platform/service. I really don’t care if it was protected or not, i wouldnt want my employer having direct access to that kind of communication.


At Google? You better be running TOR, at minimum!


Nah. Just a catchphrase. It was always just a catchphrase.


It may be amateur, but it worked. One of the benefits of using work email in a situation where other employees are always connected is that it is much easier to spread to other employees.


Its not difficult doing the same thing outside of work email. There’s Slack, Discord, and likely even more private tools. Even if something works it doesn’t mean steps couldnt’ve been taken to safeguard their communications, after all this is the Google that seemed pretty happy to be working with the Chinese Government. I personally would not use work email for this kind of stuff and with this information leaking i would only hope they realize Google does not have their interests at heart.

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Working there, you would think they’d already know the company doesn’t have anyone else’s interests at heart.


This seems like an odd move on Google’s part.

Not because I expected them to be warm and cuddly or anything; but because having employees organizing against the interests of one of the world’s leading miners of assorted internet data via an email system they have full privileged access to seems like it’s so overwhelmingly advantageous to Google that they’d be crazy to do anything that might encourage use of channels that they’ll have to work slightly harder to surveil.

Why would you even want to order the human resources to stop plotting in the panopticon where it’s easy to see them? (And with algorithmic efficiency and precision: read receipts and mail flow tracing is within the reach of every part-time amateur admin; a company that actually specializes in this area could probably use mail system data to put together attractive and comprehensive visualizations of rabble arousal levels such that they have a better finger on the pulse of the situation than the people trying to rabble rouse do.)


Whatever the situation, the invisible hand of The Market will always extend its middle finger.

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Google? Sure.
Alphabet? Not so sure.


Yeah, right?!? People underestimate the influence of investors. Worse than the mafia.

Google is invasive 100%. I am thankful they lack the creative intelligence to take their AI to the level of fruition they’d like. Then we’d be fucked.

Their corporate email is just odd. Microsoft, for all its errors and annoyances, solved so much over the years, and for … centuries … it’s been a stable useable platform. Gmail, for some reason, you can so easily for eg delete important messages because the list is refreshing but you click just as the graphics change but don’t wuite notice. Then you have to dig it out of trash.

Google - pretty package, indecent delivery. Gave birth to a monster.

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