Every question in every Q&A session




Spot on, a mixture of maddening and hilarious. Reminded me of one I recall hearing in a packed high school auditorium after a teacher’s passionate talk: “Has anyone here seen my jacket?”


It’s one of the reasons I knew (despite being a book- and research-oriented type) that academia was not the place for me. I have incredible patience for a lot of things, but for some reason this sort of thing is nails on a chalkboard to me.


Mallory Ortberg is a National Treasure.


An apocryphal story wherein the interviewer presents Joseph Heller with the accusation, “You’ve never written anything as good as Catch-22,” to which he replied, “Who has?”


“I know you can’t say anything more about your upcoming work, but would you please tell us more about your upcoming work?”


This runs against all common sense, but in this case do read the comments.


After reading that entire list, that #10 is probably the most reasonable, cogent one - though that’s only relatively, and I’m sure it gets old real fast.


I’ve been to a few Joss Whedon Q&As. All of those, over and over and over. Every. Time.


“Now we’ll open the floor to fawning praise and obvious questions.” - The Simpsons 18x06, Moe ‘N’ a Lisa


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