Every time you play this audio, it will seem to end on a higher pitch

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Maybe Shepard tone related?


I just hear “yanny”.


huh… it did work the first 3 times or so.


Doesn’t work for me, but I ahem see through most optical illusions too.

You beat me to it, but come on man, Laurel. :wink:

check this out:

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Laurel up front, yanny in the back.


Yanny on the streets, Laurel in the sheets.


Didn’t work for me, but I’ve got good relative pitch and pitch retention, so that might have something to do with it.

The illusion works for me at the middle, not at the end. It seems like it depends on me focusing my awareness on a different segment each time. I have the blessing/curse of perfect pitch, which might have something to do with this.


that was my thought too

Didn’t do it for me. I play slide guitar, fretless guitar, fretless bass, cello… you get the idea, I’ve got a well trained ear and I also do a lot of mixing and mastering of audio tracks. It just sounded like the note came to an end to me.

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Did anyone hear something in there about Paul being dead?


Worked for me about 4 times.

It stopped around 7 times.

Don’t think it worked for me maybe because I have so much constant loud chatter in my head that I wasn’t even sure what I was listening for the first several times I played it.

I got to 6.

Wow that’s really bizarre. Works every time for me.

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I’m almost certain that I don’t have perfect pitch and it pitched up in the middle for me too. Dunno what that’s about.