Ewok hooded scarf


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I’m wearing one right now.


that will go great with my wookie hoodie or dress and my r2d2 bathing suit or dress or socks! I get all my snazzy dressing tips from BB of course!


I love the look on the model’s face. Sort of a combination of “Da fuck is this thing!?” and “oh god, is this really what I’m doing with my life?”


Dude, go easy. That’s like wearing stripes with plaid.

EDIT: …when you’re NOT in an indie band.


ok but if you’re going to kill an Ewok to make a scarf being a good environmentalist dictates that you try to use the whole Ewok.


Its not like i leave the house or anything! Someone might post something that I have to like on BoingBoing! :slight_smile:

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